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MY BOY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: The sons of many other mothers
Last Line: But none can with my boy compare!
Subject(s): Sons

THE sons of many other mothers
Have pink and white cheeks just as fair,
And wealth of gold and brown locks waving;
But none can with my boy compare!
Oft in the distance with his comrades
I see him coming, while afar,
Among the whole group shining radiant
As when from gray clouds gleams a star!

When merry songs in neighb'ring woodlands
Ring forth like sweet bells, pure and clear,
I hear but one mid all the voices, --
My son's alone doth reach my ear!
And when a ball in happy play-time
Flies upward to the very roof,
I know that my own boy's hand flung it, --
Of his young strength a joyous proof!

When fifteen more brief years have fleeted,
The vision ye will see with me,
As slender as a green young fir-trunk
He stands beneath the apple-tree!
E'en now his bright, clear eyes uplifted
The radiant sunshine strive to bear:
Yes, there are sons of other mothers,
But none can with my boy compare!

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