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First Line: How colorless the sky and dreary
Last Line: How fervently I love ye all!
Subject(s): Night; Bedtime

HOW colorless the sky and dreary,
Which wore by day a smile so bright!
The clouds, as if of tears aweary,
Like beggars mute sweep through the night.

Their little heads the flowers hang sleeping;
Not e'en one leaf moves on the tree;
Only the waves, to my feet creeping,
Exchange soft kisses dreamily.

The forest stands in deepest silence,
The birds have long since ceased to sing;
But faintly, from the ghostly distance,
The breeze a bell's low note doth bring.

Upon the moss in worship blissful
I kneel; my tears like dew-drops fall.
Oh, holy nights, calm, starless, peaceful,
How fervently I love ye all!

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