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OH, LOVE THOU TOO!, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The waves are all whisp'ring
Last Line: "now love thou too!"
Subject(s): Love

THE waves are all whisp'ring,
In moonlight clear,
The sweetest of dance-tunes
For nixies' ear;
They laugh and they beckon,
Each other woo,
And say with their plashing:
"Oh, love thou too!"

In blossoming linden,
Each year, a pair
Of doves to their nestlings
Show tender care;
They're billing and cooing,
Like lovers true,
While twittering softly:
"Oh, love thou too!"

How surely the heaven
The earth holds dear,
E'en though it looks sometimes
So dull and drear!
Yet through the gray clouds breaks
The sun anew,
And laughingly greets with:
"Oh, love thou too!"

Wouldst know the real meaning
Which love doth fold?
Thou must the Redeemer's
Image behold:
"My life thee I've given, --
What wilt thou do?
Oh, heart, restless throbbing,
Now love thou too!"

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