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OH, MOTHER DEAR!, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Naught can with breeze of spring compare,- / that wooing, soft, caressing air'
Last Line: Whilst thou a mother call'st thine own!
Subject(s): Love

"NAUGHT can with breeze of Spring compare, --
That wooing, soft, caressing air."
So say we oft, and drink its wine,
Rejoicing in the bright sunshine.
Yet something softer, well I know,
Than wind of May or water's flow,
Far softer e'en than silken band, --
It is a loving mother's hand.

When flames the brilliant evening star,
Glad eyes behold the radiance far,
And think, while gazing at its light,
No suns can pour forth beams more bright.
Yet fairer radiance I know,
Stars shining with a steadfast glow,
Which consolation aye supplies, --
It is a loving mother's eyes.

Along Life's path thou 'lt often rest,
To fasten flowers on thy breast
Of fragrant scent, hues blue and red:
The morrow finds them withered, dead.
One flower alone is ever true,
Its perfume ever gives anew;
The same in joy, or mid pain's smart, --
It is a loving mother's heart.

Oh, mother's eye! oh, mother's hand!
Whoe'er these blessing can command,
Along Life's swaying plank will aye
Press steadfast on in the right way.
If sets what seemed joy's sun to be,
Unto thy mother thou canst flee;
Thou 'lt ne'er be poor nor quite alone,
Whilst thou a mother call'st thine own!

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