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First Line: Niobe on phrygian sands
Last Line: That thou might'st but tread on me.
Alternate Author Name(s): Anakreon; Anacreontea
Subject(s): Wishes

Niobe on Phrygian sands
Turn'd a weeping Statue stands:
And the Pandionian Maid
In a Swallows wings arraid;
But a Mirrour I would be,
To be lookt on still by Thee;
Or the Gown wherein thou'rt drest,
That I might thy Limbs invest;
Or a Chrystal Spring, wherein
Thou might'st bath thy purer skin;
Or sweet Unguents, to annoint
And make supple every Joynt;
Or a Knot, thy Breast to deck;
Or a Chain, to clasp thy Neck;
Or thy Shoe I wish to be,
That thou might'st but tread on me.

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