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THE SPIRIT AND THE CUP, by                    
First Line: And didst thou drink the brimming cup / I gave thee?'
Last Line: "not I have done this thing, but thou,"" said he."
Subject(s): Holy Ghost; Spirituality; Holy Spirit


"AND didst thou drink the brimming cup I gave thee?"
The Spirit said,
"The golden cup of life, whose wine is red?"


"I drank the wine indeed, with joy and laughter,
Nor did I shrink;
Only the bitter dregs I did not drink."


He spake, "While but one darker drop remaineth
Within the bowl,
Lo! Thou hast dealt unjustly with thy soul!"


I cried, "It hath no sweetness,—'tis the bitter
That I refuse!"
Gravely he answered, "Child, thou canst not choose.


"If thou but drink the joy, and leave the sorrow,
Nor taste the pain,
Then have I given thee the cup in vain."


"Was it for this the pleasant wine was given?"
I made complaint,
"Only to spoil its fragrance with this taint?"


But he was silent, "Hear me," I besought him,
"How will it be?"
And gentle was his answer, "Taste and see!"


"Thine eyes are kind! Thou wouldst not wrong me, Spirit,
And at the first
Thou gavest me this bowl to quench my thirst."


I took the cup with tears, and drank unwilling
The bitter drink—
It was as if a veil did part and sink!


And lo! upon my lips the lingering sweetness
Of purest wine!
What precious essence of what holy vine?


And mine eyes filled with tears of joy—I whispered
"Ah thanks to thee!"
"Not I have done this thing, but thou," said he.

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