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First Line: Children of dust, astray among the suns
Last Line: To mix our dust with dust of slaves and kings.
Subject(s): Death; Dust; Judgment Day; Life; Time; Dead, The; End Of The World; Doomsday; Fall Of Man

Children of dust, astray among the suns,
Children of the earth, adrift upon the night.
Who have shaken the pageant of old gods and thrones,
And know them crushed and dead and lost to sight,
What is there in our darkness or our light
To linger in prose or claim a singing breath
Save the curt history of life isled in death? --

Life climbing blind through sunlight desolate
Upon this saddest satellite of stars,
Fearless and steadfast, holding toward the fate
Of men and their little earth and sorrow-scars,
When the broken ikons of fallen avatars,
With grief and desire, long war and death and crime,
Storm headlong roaring downward throughout time.

Standing erect, the sea-wind in our faces,
We may look out across the whirl of spheres
And falling flames that haunt cold interspaces
Reverberating empty to our ears,
Take our fresh gust of beauty out of the years,
And go, unanswered, quit of questionings,
To mix our dust with dust of slaves and kings.

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