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BUCK O' KINGWATTER, by            
First Line: When I was single, I rid a fine nag
Last Line: Sing oh! The lasses ...
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

WHEN I was single, I rid a fine nag,
And was ca'd the Buck o' Kingwatter,
Now the coat o' my back has got but ae sleeve,
And my breeks are a' in a tatter.
Sing oh! the lasses! the lazy lasses!
Keep frae the lasses o' Branton—
I ne'er wad hae married, that day I married
But I was young, fuilish, and wanton.

I courted a lass—an angel I thowt,
She's turned out the picture of evil;
She geapes, you may count ivry tuith in her head,
And shouts fit to freeten the deevil.
Sing oh! the lasses ...

To-day she slipped out some baccy to buy
And bade me mind rock the cradle;
I cowp'd owre asleep, but suin she com'd
And brak aw my head wi' the ladle.
Sing oh! the lasses ...

I ne'er hed a heart to hannel a gun
Or I'd run away and leave her:
She pretends to win purns, but that's aw fun,
They say she's owre kind wi' the weaver.
Sing oh! the lasses ...

I dinnerless gang ae hawf o' the week;
If we git a bit meat on the Sunday,
She cuts me nae mair than wad physic a snipe;
Then we've tatey and point ivry Monday.
Sing oh! the lassies ...

Tho' weary o' life, wi' this gud-for-nowte wife,
I wish I cud git sec anudder;
And then I cud gie the deevil the teane,
For takin' away the tudder!
Sing oh! the lasses ...

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