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OUR MODEST DOUGHBOYS, by            
First Line: Said the captain: 'there was wire'
Last Line: Said private mike mccann.
Subject(s): World War I; First World War

SAID the Captain: "There was wire
A mile deep in No Man's Land,
And the concentrated fire
Was all mortal nerve could stand;
But these huskies craved the chance
To go out and leave their bones!"
"The climate's quite some damp in France,"
Said Private Thomas Jones.

Said the Major: "What is more,
At the point where we attacked,
Tough old veterans loudly swore
Hindy's line could not be cracked.
But the 27th said,
'Hindenburg! That guy's a myth!'"
"I slept last night in a reg'lar bed,"
Said Private Johnny Smith.

Said the Colonel: "They had placed
Pillboxes on the crests.
I can safely say we faced
Maybe thousands of those nests.
But our doughboys took one height
Seven times in that hell's hail."
"And were the cooties thick? Good night!"
Said Private William Dale.

Said the General: "We were told
Anything we'd start they'd stop --
That the Boche would knock us cold
When we slid across the top.
But the 7th with a yell
Made the Prussian Guards back down."
"You oughta lamped the smile on Nell!"
Said Private Henry Brown.

Said the Sergeant: "Every shell
Seemed to whine, 'Old scout, you're dead!'
And I thought I'd gone to hell
In a blizzard of hot lead.
But each bloomin' gunner stuck
At his post by his machine."
"Our orders said to hold it, Buck!"
Said Private Peter Green.

Said the Chaplain: "Talk of pep!
They were there! And, may I add,
When we clambered up the step
That last fight, we only had
Eighty men of Company D --
Every one, I'll say, a man!"
"And am I glad I'm home? Ah, oui!"
Said Private Mike McCann.

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