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IN MEMORY: MISS JEWETT, by                    
First Line: In paradise 'how comes the spring?'
Last Line: Since you are there.
Subject(s): Jewett, Sophie (1861-1909); Wellesley College

IN Paradise "how comes the spring?"
With us again the spring world thrills
To old familiar loveliness.
Your birds from blossom-branches sing;
With violets the slopes, the hills
And meadows with your green are spread;
And in a sweet and shady place
The latest of your daffodils
Lifts up its sunny head.
Yet we who walk them only meet,
In ways once trodden of your feet,
New loneliness.

How bloom the flowers of love and peace
In that far land we have not seen?
What beauty that we may not know
For you who loved our "green earth" so?
We cannot know; we only dream
In Paradise the spring is fair,
Since you are there.

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