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TRAVELOGUE, by            
First Line: Never have I journeyed
Last Line: Realm, the sky.
Subject(s): Explorers; Travel; Vision; Exploring; Discovery; Discoverers; Journeys; Trips

Never have I journeyed
Past the level, green
Circle of the prairie,
Yet have seen:

Lofty mountain ranges
Robed in virgin snow,
Roseate in sunset's
Crimson glow;

Cities, tiered with gieaming
Mosques and minarets,
Poised beyond celestial

Alabaster temples,
Roofed and domed with pearl,
Wreathed by incense rising
Curl on curl;

Fathomless abysses;
Caverns black as night;
Monstrous crags upreared to
Heaven's height;

Shining seas whose gleaming,
Lacquered billows rolled
Black and flame and blazing
Beaten gold.

Sumptuous ever-changing
Scenes delight the eye
Which explores that wondrous
Realm, the sky.

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