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First Line: Hearing his courtesies
Last Line: Each smiling love under a shining brow.
Alternate Author Name(s): Apollonius Of Rhodes
Subject(s): Love

Hearing his courtesies
Blissfully smiling did she her eyes abash.
By his praise in a confusion of her heart
Raised up, she lifted up her eyes to his,
But found no single word to make a start,
Striving all to express in one packed voicing.
Out of her scented sash
The charm she took, unsparing, and he rejoicing
Received it in his hands: at his desire
She would have plucked the very life from her breast
And given it him, such bright and beautiful fire
On Jason's yellow hair, Love's influence, played.
The flashings of her eyes he captive made,
And all her heart its secret warmth discloses,
Melting like morning dew upon the roses
That warm day melts; and now
Shyly they to the ground their eyes abase,
And now gaze at each other face to face,
Each smiling love under a shining brow.

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