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BLIND, by                    
First Line: Seeking god
Last Line: And still waters.
Subject(s): Blindness; God; Religion; Visually Handicapped; Theology

Seeking God
I went to where men worship His name:
A lofty temple.

"Give us this day our daily bread!"
They whined—

The sleek priest was thinking of his dinner with wine after the sermon,
And the deacon was gloating over his neighbor's wickedness,
And the bald-headed man up in front was thinking of a pair of legs that belonged

to a chorus girl,
And the pretty woman with the baby eyes was thinking of nothing at all, singing

hymns only with her mouth,
And the ugly old lady with the hair-lip was hating the beauty of her neighbor.

God didn't seem anywhere in evidence,
And I started away
Thinking to find Him in his old haunts
Down by the river
Where the whip-poor-will in the willow-tree
"Love-us-Lord! Love-us-Lord!"

But you can't keep God out
Even from churches. ...
Up in the choir was a blind girl
"Tho dark my way
Lead Thou me on!"
And where these were blind
I knew that she could see
The green pastures
And still waters.

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