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MYSELF, by                    
First Line: I knew the tree where slept the crows
Last Line: That I was wild as they.
Alternate Author Name(s): Garey, Hannah E.
Subject(s): Self

I knew the tree where slept the crows,
And on the water's brim
I climbed among the hemlock boughs
To watch the fishes swim.

I knew beside the swollen rill
What flowers to bloom would burst,
And where, upon the south-sloped hill,
The berries ripened first.

Each violet tuft, each cowslip green,
Each daisy in the lea
I counted one by one, for they
Were kith and kin to me.

I knew the moles that dared to claim
The banished beaver's huts,
And sat on mossy logs to watch
The squirrels crack their nuts.

And they winked slyly at me, too,
But never fled away,
For in their little hearts they knew
That I was wild as they.

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