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HYMN TO POSEIDON, by                    
First Line: Mighty god poseidon, thee I sing
Last Line: Into the darkling main.
Subject(s): Poseidon (mythology)

MIGHTY God Poseidon, thee I sing,
Girder of the Earth, of Ocean king,
Golden trident brandishing.

Round thee sport in joyous rout
Lightly leaping, gleaming, glancing,
Tossing in their finny dancing
Bristly mane and flattened snout,
Dolphins, whom the Muse enthrals --
Playmates 'neath the briny waters
Chasing Amphitrite's daughters
In the Nereids' halls.

These bore me to the coast of Pelops' isle
On their curved backs uplifted,
Cleaving the furrows of a pathless plain,
On a perilous voyage I drifted,
Cast by treacherous seamen's guile
Into the darkling main.

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