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BACCHUS AND THE FROGS, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Chorus of frogs: croak - croak - croak! / bacchus: well, well, - you may choke
Last Line: Croak—croak—croak!
Subject(s): Animals; Bacchus; Frogs; Mythology - Classical

Chorus of Frogs. Croak—croak—croak!
Bacchus. Well, well,—you may choke,—
I care not at all
How loudly you bawl,
This croaking, d'ye see,
It's nothing to me.
Leader of Frogs. We care not a jot,
If you like or not,
But as long as our throats
Can compass the notes,
We'll sing, if we choke,
With our—
Chorus. Croak—croak—croak!
Bacchus. Base son of the pool!
Do you think I'm a fool
To be overcome thus?—
Leader of Frogs. And shall you conquer us?
No, no, let us try,—
I'll sing till I die.
Bacchus. Well, well, my good fellow,
I'll yell and I'll bellow,
'Tis a shame and a sin
To give way to this din,—
So come on, hearts of oak,—
Chorus. Croak—croak—croak—

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