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THE FROGS: AN 'AESCHYLEAN' CHORUS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: How hellas' youth
Last Line: Tophlattothrat tophlattothrat
Subject(s): Euripides (484-406 B.c.)

(Euripides sings, thrumming a lyre between the monotonous dactylic
. . . How Hellas' youth,
liegemen Achaean of brothers embattled,
tophlattothrat tophlattothrat
foul as a Sphinx that apportioneth havoc, a hell-hound,
tophlattothrat tophlattothrat
grasping the spears that avenge, bidden on by a bird of ill-omen,
tophlattothrat tophlattothrat
were thrown to feed
hounds of the air ever eagerly questing;
tophlattothrat tophlattothrat
how swords that bent on Ajax' breast . . .
tophlattothrat tophlattothrat

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