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First Line: Sweet sisterhood of flowers
Last Line: Thou and the evening star, and she, and I.
Subject(s): Flowers

SWEET sisterhood of flowers,
Ye tell of happier hours,
Eloquent eyes, soft hands, and beaming brow;
Ye were a gift from one
Best loved beneath the sun,
And ye must bring me memories of her now.

Thou rare red Picotine!
Seemed she not like a queen,
Gloriously proud, nor beautiful the less,
When what I whispered low
Made the red blushes show,
For shame to hear of her own loveliness?

Thou dost remind me well,
Down-looking heather-bell,
How she looked downward in that lonely spot,
And to my earnest prayer
Tremblingly gave me there
This star of lover's hope -- "Forget-me-Not."

Sweet Rose! thy crimson leaves
Are little happy thieves!
She kissed thee, and her lips are mine alone:
Now by that blessed day
I'll wear thy leaves away,
Kissing the kiss till kissing-place be gone.

Beautiful, bright-winged Pea!
Ah! but I envied thee,
Plucked by her hand, and on her bosom lying.
Oh! it were happy death
There to sigh out the breath;
Never to die, and yet be still a-dying.

White lily of the vale!
I fear thou saw'st a tale
Told without words, when none but thou went nigh:
Keep faith, sweet bud of snow!
None but ourselves must know --
Thou and the Evening Star, and She, and I.

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