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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 16. AL-KAHHAR, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The 'chapter of the cattle:' heaven is whose
Last Line: Our trust is fixed on thee alone.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Al-Kahhâr—call Him "Dominant," the King,
Who maketh, knoweth, ruleth everything.

The "Chapter of the Cattle:" Heaven is whose,
And whose is earth? Say Allah's, that did choose
On His own might to lay the law of mercy.
He, at the Resurrection, will not lose

One of His own. What falleth, night or day,
Falleth by His Almighty word alway.
Wilt thou have any other Lord than Allah,
Who is not fed, but feedeth all flesh? Say!

For if He visit thee with woe, none makes
The woe to cease save He; and if He takes
Pleasure to send thee pleasure, He is Master
Over all gifts; nor doth His thought forsake

The creatures of the field, nor fowls that fly;
They are "a people" also: "These, too, I
Have set," the Lord saith, "in My book of record;
These shall be gathered to Me by and by."

With Him of all things secret are the keys;
None other hath them, but He hath; and sees
Whatever is in land, or air, or water,
Each bloom that blows, each foam-bell on the seas.

Nor is there any little hidden grain
Swelling beneath the sod, nor in the main
Any small fish or shell, nor of the earth
Green things or dry things upon hill or plain,

But these are written in th' unerring Book:
And what ye did by day, and when ye took
Your slumbers, and the last sleep; then to Him
Is your return, and the account's there!—look!

Al-Kahhâr! All-embracing One!
Our trust is fixed on Thee alone.

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