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First Line: Ye know the any that creeps upon the fig
Last Line: Take refuge in thy clemency.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Al-Hâlîm! "Clement" is our Lord above;
Magnify Allah by this name of love.

Ye know the ant that creeps upon the fig,
The dharra, made so small,
Until she moveth in the purple seeds
She is not seen at all.

If, on the judgment-day, holding the scales—
When all the trial's done—
The Angel of the Balance crieth, "Lord!
The good deeds of this one

Outweigh his evil deeds, justly assessed,
By half one dharra's weight;"
Allah will say, "Multiply good to him,
And open Heaven's gate!"

Not if thy work be worth a date-stone's skin
Shall it be overpast;
Thus it is written in the Sacred Book,
Thus will it be at last.

Faithful and just, Al-Hâlîm! we
Take refuge in Thy clemency.

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