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First Line: Seven heavens allah made
Last Line: Meditate on thy majesty.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Praise Him, Al-Kabîr, seated on "the Throne,"
The "Very Great," the High-exalted One.

Seven Heavens Allah made:
First "Paradise," the Jennat-al-Firdaus: The next, Al-Huld, "Gate of
The third, Dar-as-Salâm, the "Peaceful House;"
The fourth, Dar-al-Kurâr, "Felicity;"
The fifth was Aidenn, "Home of Golden Light;"
The sixth, Al-Na'hîm, "Garden of Delight;"
The seventh, Al-Hilliyûn, "Footstool of the Throne;"
And, each and every one,
Sphere above sphere, and treasure over treasure,
The great decree of God made for reward and pleasure.

Saith the Perspicuous Book;
"Look up to Heaven! look!
Dost thou see flaw or fault
In that vast vault,
Spangled with silvery lamps of night,
Or gilded with glad light
Of sunrise, or of sunset, or warm noon?
Rounded He well the moon?
Kindled He wisely the red Lord of Day?
Look twice! look thrice, and say!"

Thy weak gaze fails;
Eyesight is drowned in yon abyss of blue;
Ye see the glory, but ye see not through:
God's greatness veils
Its greatness by its greatness—all that wonder
Lieth the lowest of those Heavens under,
Beyond which Angels view
Allah, and Allah's mighty works, asunder;
The thronged clouds whisper of it when they thunder.

Allah Kabîr! in silence we
Meditate on Thy majesty.

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