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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 46. AL-WASI'H, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Turn, wheresoe'er ye be, to mecca's stone
Last Line: Is built the mecca of thy grace.
Subject(s): God; Islam

"All-comprehending One," Al-Wasi'h! we
By this name also praise and honor Thee.

Turn, wheresoe'er ye be, to Mecca's stone,
For this is holy, and your Lord doth hear;
Thitherwards turn!—so hath all Islâm one
Heart to its thought and harbor of its prayer.

But Allah's house eastwards and westwards lies,
Northwards and southwards. He is everywhere
Whithersoever way ye bend your eyes,
Face to face are ye with Al-Wasi'h there.

It is not righteousness to kneel aright
Fronting the Kiblah; but to rightly hold
Of God, and of His judgment, and the bright
Bands of His Angels; and what truth is told

In the sure Korân by God's holy Prophet;
To succor orphans, strangers, suppliants, kin;
Your gold and worldly treasure—to give of it
Ransom for captives, alms which mercy win:

To keep your covenants when ye covenant;
Your woes and sufferings patiently to bear,Being the will of God:—this is

to front
Straight for the Kiblah: this is faith and fear.

Abounding Lord! in every place
Is built the Mecca of Thy grace.

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