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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 47. AL-HAKIM, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Only one judge is just, for only one
Last Line: A little justified with thee
Subject(s): God; Islam

Al-Hâkim! Judge of all the judges! show
Mercy to us and make us justice know.

Only one Judge is just, for only One
Knoweth the hearts of men; and hearts alone
Are guilty or are guiltless. That which lied
Was not the tongue—he is a red dog tied.

And that which slew was not the hand ye saw
Grasping the knife—she is a slave whose law
The master gives, seated within the tent;
The hand was handle to the instrument;

The dark heart murdered. Oh, believers! leave
Judgment to Heaven—except ye do receive
Office and order to accomplish this;
Then honorable, and terrible, it is.

The Prophet said: "At the great day of doom
Such fear on the most upright judge shall come
That he shall moan, 'Ah! would to God that I
Had stood for trial, and not sate to try!'"

He said: "The Angels of the Scales will bring
Just and unjust who judged before Heaven's King,
Grasping them by the neck; and, if it be,
One hath adjudged his fellows wickedly,

"He shall be hurled to hell so vast a hight
'Tis forty years' fierce journey ere he light;
But if one righteously hath borne the rod,
The Angels kiss those lips which spake for God."

Lord! make us just, that we may be
A little justified with Thee

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