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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 6. ALLAH-AS-SALAM, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: When th' unshunned day arriveth, none of men shall doubt it come
Last Line: Set us within thy sight, we pray.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Thou Who art "Peace," and unto peace dost bring,
Allah-as-Salam! we praise Thee, Judge and King!

When th' unshunned Day arriveth, none of men shall doubt it come;
Into Hell some it will lower, and exalt to Heaven some.

When the earth with quakenings quaketh, and the mountains crumble flat,
Quick and dead shall be divided threefold; on this side, and that,

The Companions of the right hand (ah! how joyful they will be!)
The Companions of the left hand (oh! what misery to see!)

Such, moreover, as of old time, loved the truth and taught it well,
First in faith, they shall be foremost in reward: the rest to Hell!

But those souls attaining Allah,—ah, the Gardens of good cheer
Kept to lodge them! yea, besides the "Faithful." many will be there.

Lightly lying on soft couches, beautiful with broidered gold,
Friends with friends, they shall be served by youths immortal, who will hold

Akwâb, abareek—cups and goblets—brimming with celestial
Wine which hurts nor head nor stomach—this and fruits of Heaven which shine

Bright, desirable; and rich flesh of what birds they relish best;
Yea, and feasted, there shall soothe them damsels fairest, stateliest,—

Damsels having eyes of wonder, large black eyes like hidden pearls,
Lulu-'l-maknûn, Allah grants them, for sweet love, those matchless

Never in that Garden hear they speech of folly, sin, or dread;
Only "Peace"—As-Salâm only—that one word for ever said,

"Peace! Peace! Peace!" and the Companions of the right hand (ah! those bowers!)
They shall roam in thornless lote-groves, under mawztrees hung with flowers.

Shaded, fed by flowing waters; near to fruits which never cloy,
Hanging always ripe for plucking; and at hand the tender joy

Of those maids of Heaven, the Houris: lo! to them We gave a birth
Specially creating, lo! they are not as the wives of earth;

Ever virginal and stainless, how so often they embrace,
Always young and loved and loving these are; neither is there grace

Like the grace and bliss the Black-eyed keep for you in Paradise,
Oh, Companions of the right hand! Oh, ye others that were wise!

Giver of peace! when comes that day,
Set us within thy sight, we pray.

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