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First Line: When ye say kismat, say it wittingly
Last Line: Islâm, submission to thy will.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Al-Kadar! He is "Providence!" hereby
The Lord of all things living magnify.

When ye say Kismat, say it wittingly,
Oh, true believers! Under Allah's throne
Place is not left for those accursèd three,
"Destiny," "Fortune," "Chance." Allah alone

Ruleth His children: Kismat ye shall deem
Each man's "allotted portion," from of old
Fixed for his part in the Eternal scheme
By those great Hands which all the worlds enfold

Sayeth "the Book": "There passeth no man's soul
Except by God's permission, and the Speech
Writ in the scroll determining the whole,
The times of all men, and the times for each."

Also it sayeth: "If a man shall choose
This world's reward, to him it shall be given;
And if a man shall dare his life to lose
For Paradise, he shall be paid in heaven."

Ya Kadar! "Ruler!" teach us still,
Islâm, submission to Thy will.

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