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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 70, 71. MUKADDIM, MUWAKHIR, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: When the trumpet shall be ringing
Last Line: Confess with dread thine equity.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Mukaddim! Muwakhir! by these names still
Praise Him who hath forewarned, and doth fulfill.

When the trumpet shall be ringing,
Then the threatened Day hath come,
Every soul to judgment bringing.

Each soul shall itself deliver
With two Angels, unto doom,
With a Witness and a Driver.

He that driveth shall say, "Vainly
Warned we thee, till this upholding
Of the veil: now thou seest plainly."

And the Witness by his side,
He shall say, a scroll unfolding,
"This is what I testified."

Loud shall sound th' award eternal:
"Hurl to hell the misbelievers,
Sinners, liars;—let infernal

"Torments seize perverse transgressors!"
Then will speak the wan deceivers,
Seeking pleas and intercessors.

But the awful Voice shall thunder,
"Wrangle not in Allah's hearing
Many a sign and many a wonder

"Did forewarn ye of repentance;
Time is past for more forbearing;
Not with Us is change of sentence."

Heaven shall say to Hell that morning,
"Art thou full?" Hell shall inquire,
"Hast thou others?" blackly yawning

With choked gullet. But believing
Souls will see, brought nigh and nigher,
Paradise's gates, receiving

Those to whom We promised Heaven.
"Patient ones! forever striving
Toward the Merciful! forgiven

Are your falterings; enter ye
Into peace; now is arriving
The great Day of eternity."

Forewarner and Fulfiller! we
Confess with dread Thine equity.

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