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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 89, 90. MU'HTI, MANI'H, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: When god fashioned paradise
Last Line: Lead us upon the rightful way.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Mu'htî and Mâni'h! Heaven Thou mad'st, and Hell,
Providing and withholding,—and didst well.

When God fashioned Paradise,
Spake He unto Gabriel:
"See this place which We created,
Where the justified will dwell."
Gabriel said, "My Lord! I swear
By Thy glory, none of men
Ever of its joys shall hear
But will strive to enter in."

Round about His Paradise
God set sorrows and denials;
Laid the pathway steep and strait,
Hard to find and full of trials.
"Look again!" God said; and he
Looked, and came, and sadly spake:
"By Thy glorious majesty,
Not one man will entrance make!"

Then the Lord created Hell,
Set ablaze its ache and grieving;
Saying unto Gabriel,
"This is for the unbelieving."
Gabriel looked and said, "I swear,
By Thy splendor, not a mortal,
When of hell-fire he shall hear,
Ever will approach its portal."

Round about those awful gates
Allah set soft sins and pleasures;
Made the pathway broad and plain,
Rich with joys and gifts and treasures.
"Look again," said God; and he
Saw; and spake, "Save by Thy blessing,
Oh, my Lord! there will not be
One that must not love transgressing."

Lord of the two-fold roads, we pray
Lead us upon the rightful way.

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