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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 97. AL-WARITH, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: The chapter of al-hajar: there is nought
Last Line: Al-warith! Oh, thou might divine!
Subject(s): God; Islam

Inheritor! all things proceed from Thee,
And re-committed to Thy hands shall be.

The chapter of Al-Hajar: There is nought
But from the treasury of God was brought;
Such and so much He lends-them; winds and waters;
Have ye the store of these things, or of aught?

Did ye set in the sky the starry band,
Or pile the mountain peaks upon the land?
Verily He hath made and will unmake them,
And all these shall return into His hand.

"Oh, Rose!" the Dewdrop said, "whence didst thou spring,
That art so sweet and proud and fair a thing?"
"From dust I sprang," she said, "and ere to-morrow
Back to the dust I shall be moldering."

"Oh, Dewdrop!" said the Rose, "where didst thou gain
This light, that like a gem on me hath lain?"
"A cloud," he said, "uplifted me from ocean,
And I must trickle to the deep again."

The Bulbul heard. "Oh, Allah's rose!" it said,
"The air is fragrant with thee, being dead;
Oh, Allah's Dewdrop! ere the sea did suck thee,
She was the fairer; be thou comforted!"

For saith the chapter of Al-Hajar: "Tell
My servants I have made the heavens well,
And the earth well, and with a steadfast purpose;
And Paradise is Mine, and Mine is Hell."

Inheritor! all things are Thine;
Al-Warith! Oh, Thou might Divine!

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