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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 98. AL-RASCHID, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: We sent it down upon the 'night of power'
Last Line: Increase to us thy clemency.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Earth knows, heaven shows; the holy scriptures say,
How righteous and "unerring" is thy way.

"We sent it down upon the 'Night of Power,'
The Book which 'doth declare.'
In all the year that night is best: one hour
Thereof in praise and prayer,

"Is worth a thousand days of joy; for then
The Angels bear commands,
Bringing the will of Al-Rachîd to men;
Descending on all lands.

"Peace ruleth till the rising of that dawn,
While Allah doth ordain
How many souls those twelve moons shall be born,
How many shall attain

"His mercy; for the books are brought of these,
And each account is cast;
And Allah maketh 'the allowances,'
Accepting souls at last."

Thus spake our Lord, and Ayesha replied,
"Oh, Prophet! are there none
Accepted, save by mercy?" "None!" he cried,
"By God! I say not one!"

"Not thou!—not even thou!—thou not to go,
Unquestioned, into heaven,
Who walked with Allah's Angels, and below
Taught us the message given?"—

He drew his cloth across his bended face
And thrice he spake to her:
"Except God's mercy cover me with grace,
I shall not enter there!"

Oh, Al-Raschid! and if not he,
Increase to us Thy clemency.

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