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THE MESSIAH, by                    
First Line: He came unto a world that was not ready
Last Line: To welcome as its king the baby boy.
Subject(s): Earth; World

He came unto a world that was not ready,
There was no place for him inside the inn,
He lay upon the straw in a low stable,
The Lord, who came to save the world from sin.

He came to bring us mercy and salvation,
To bring unto us peace and hope and joy,
His parents had to flee a cruel monarch,
Because their little baby was a boy.

And still the whole wide world is filled with conflict,
The foes of right are fighting left and right,
The people join the forces of the devil,
The righteous seem surrounded in the fight.

But still the Lord cries out that He can save us,
Still may we sound His praises in a song;
We still can chant and carol that God gave us
His Blessed Son to keep us from all wrong.

So let us all now yield to Him His Kingdom,
To Him we'll sing of peace and hope and joy,
Even if this world is never ready
To welcome as its King the baby boy.

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