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First Line: There is a secret shrined within my soul
Last Line: "who is this lady?"" she would calmly say!"

There is a secret shrined within my soul,
A deathless love, in one brief moment born,
A hopeless passion that I must control
And hide from her to whom its vows are sworn.
Yes! I must pass unnoticed by her eye,
Close by her side, consumed by lonely thought,
And shrouding still my secret I shall die,
By naught rewarded having sued for naught.
But she—though God has dower'd her with a sweet
And tender nature—knows not that her feet
Lure me to follow her where'er they stray:
Too pure to dream her love can be desired—
Were she to read these lines she has inspired,
"Who is this lady?" she would calmly say!

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