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First Line: What's this that with such vigour fills my brest?
Last Line: Great o my god, great in humilitie.
Subject(s): Ambition; Women


What's this that with such vigour fills my brest?
Like the first mover finds no rest,
And with it's force dos all things draw,
Makes all submit to its imperial Law!
Sure 'tis a spark 'bove what Prometheus stole,
Kindled by a heav'nly coal,
Their sophistry I can controul,
Who falsely say that women have no Soul.


Vile Greatness! I disdain to bow to thee,
Thou art below ev'n lowly me,
I wou'd no Fame, no Titles have,
And no more Land than what will make a grave.
I scorn to weep for Worlds, may I but reign
And Empire o're my self obtain,
In Caesars throne I'de not sit down,
Nor wou'd I stoop for Alexanders Crown.


Let me obscured be, & never known.
Or pointed at about the Town,
Short winded Fame shall not transmit
My name, that the next Age may censure it:
If I write Sense no matter what they say,
Whither they call it dull, or pay
A rev'rence such as Virgil claims,
Their breath's infectious, I have higher aims.


Mean spirited men! that bait at Honour, Praise,
A Wreath of Laurel or of Baies,
How short's their Immortality!
But Oh a Crown of Glory ne're will die!
This I'me Ambitious of, no pains will spare
To have a higher Mansion there,
There all are Kings, here let me be,
Great O my God, Great in Humilitie.

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