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ON A GIFT OF FLOWERS, by                    
First Line: Dost ask me of these blossoms bright
Last Line: And my despair.
Alternate Author Name(s): Augier, Emile
Subject(s): Flowers

DOST ask me of these blossoms bright,
Whose gift they are?
They come to me whence comes delight,
And whence despair.

Thence come they where my life is set
For evermore,
From her for whom I now forget
All loves of yore.

And why I love her to excess
Dost bid me show?
Alas! myself I cannot guess,
But this I know:

That through her eyes so soft and bright
Her soul doth shine,
And in her smile was captured quite
This heart of mine.

And as a bird in meshes caught
Flutters in vain,
The more upon her lips 'tis sought
The more 'tis ta'en.

And therefore she whose blossoms bright
My treasure are,
Is she who causes my delight
And my despair.

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