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First Line: Come, come, with us for a last wild fling
Last Line: They shall freeze our hearts a-dancing.
Subject(s): Leaves; Wellesley College

COME, come, with us for a last wild fling,
For the blue skies call and the west winds sing,
On a hidden harp they play and sing,
And they've set our hearts a-dancing.

Dance, dance, with us in the swirling breeze,
We have served our year with the sober trees
At the west wind's call we've left our trees,
For they set our hearts a-dancing.

Ride, ride with us on the wind's wild mares
And the swiftest race to the one who dares,
And a rushing pace to him who dares,
For the coursers' hoofs are prancing.

Fly, fly with us in the fierce wind's breath,
For the snows come soon, then slumbering death,
When the cold snows come and icy death,
They shall freeze our hearts a-dancing.

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