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THE RIGHT MARY, by                    
First Line: All the little mary maids
Last Line: She named it child o' god.
Subject(s): God; Heaven; Jesus Christ; Paradise

All the little Mary maids
Were kneeling on the green,
For God was looking down from Heaven
To choose Himself a queen.

There was Mary from the bill,
Mary of the fold,
And Mary out of Herod's house,
Whose dress was stiff with gold.

Mary down from Nazareth
Bent lowlier than the rest
To nurse a little wounded bird
That nestled in her breast.

Gabriel came across the grass
That blossomed where he trod.
Diamond-white his helm and cloak
As fits a prince of God.

Like a silver bell his voice --
Each lassie lent an ear,
Save Mary with the crippled bird,
Who did not even hear.

Past their eager eyes he went
To kiss her drooping head
And whisper so that only she
Could hear the thing he said.

Luminous wings around her fell
At the angel's word.
What was in your heart that day,
Our Lady of the Bird?

Silently the Marys all
Went home to hill or fold.
Princess Mary stamped her foot
And tore her gown of gold.

But Mary down from Nazareth
Still knelt upon the sod
And nursed the little wounded bird --
She named it Child o' God.

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