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A SONNET. PLATONIC LOVE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Chaste cynthia bids me love, but hope no more
Last Line: My love's immortal then, and mistress too.
Subject(s): Love - Nature Of

CHASTE Cynthia bids me love, but hope no more,
Ne'er with enjoyment, -- which I still have strove
T' obey, and ev'ry looser thought reprove;
Without desiring her, I her adore.

What human passion does with tears implore,
The intellect enjoys, when 'tis in love
With the eternal soul, which here does move
In mortal closet, where 'tis kept in store.

Our souls are in one mutual knot combin'd,
Not common passion, dull and unrefin'd;
Our flame ascends, that smothers here below:

The body made of earth, turns to the same,
As Soul t' Eternity, from whence it came;
My Love's immortal then, and mistress too.

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