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CONSTANCY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Place me where sol dries up the flow'ry fields
Last Line: Nothing from cynthia can it e'er remove.
Subject(s): Fidelity; Faithfulness; Constancy

PLACE me where Sol dries up the flow'ry fields,
Or where he to the frosty winter yields:
Place me where he does mod'rate heat dispense,
And where his beams have a kind influence:

Place me in humble state, or place me high,
In a dark clime, or a serener sky;
Place me where days or nights are short or long,
In age mature, or be it old or young:

Place me in Heav'n, on earth, or in the main,
On a high hill, low vale, or level plain:
Let me have vigorous parts, or dullness have;
Place me in liberty, or as a slave:

Give me a black, or an illustrious fame:
As I have liv'd, I'll ever live the same;
Where I at first did fix my constant love,
Nothing from Cynthia can it e'er remove.

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