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SPANISH WINGS: SENORITA, by                    
First Line: Spain has no need of you
Last Line: -- I have such a short space to live.
Subject(s): Aviation & Aviators; Spanish Civil War (1936-1939); Airplanes; Air Pilots

Spain has no need of you.
It is I who have need of you;
Standing in a walled garden
Watching you pass, far in a cobalt sky

Like a wedge of geese with your comrades.
The reverberations of your engines
Drone from horizon to horizon
Filling my head and the world.

There is no promise or hope,
Of idle hours among the hills
In the autumn among the falling leaves.
Far over Madrid
Specks are swirling together.
Perhaps you are the deep charcoal line of smoke
Swung down the sky: --

Flaming down dead . . .
Something I cannot share.
Spain will go on forever
-- I have such a short space to live.

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