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First Line: My hand reaches out into the dark
Last Line: I am happy again . . .

My hand reaches out into the dark,
You are not there . . .

Yellow lights that leap wild across the floor,
Repeat the whirling treetops in the wild wind.
High over the outer roof
The wires shrilling the tension of the storm.
Sudden anxious feet thrust back the covers
And pad softly to the window-edge . . . . .
Street lamps toss crazily,
Dark branches bow and tussle with the wind,
Murky pools flash under the glistening lilac stems
Dappled with the continuous fall of drops . . .
Far over the houses
With their white drenched walls shining,
Sudden the beacon at the flying field
Slashes through the murky dark high overhead
And is gone! . . . .

I wait . . .

A little tight feeling wells in my breast.
On our dresser where the dancing lights play,
Your picture stands . . .
Dark, confident, and consoling . . .
I shudder as the wind rises --
The night is deep
And somewhere in its depths
You fly on roaring wings --
Close to God . . .
God will protect you I know.
Two tears roll down my cheeks . . .
My heart beats softer.
Is it the wind?
No, louder than the blast:
The cold song of a high-flying plane in the storm.
A smile leaps through the tears ... I laugh.
How silly is fear . .
I creep back to the warm bed and pat your pillow.
I am happy again . . .

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