Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, TO THE GIRL WHO HELPED IN THE WAR, by JOSEPHINE DODGE DASKAM BACON

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First Line: Before the flag had floated free
Last Line: But it made a woman of you!
Subject(s): War - Home Front; Women; World War I; First World War

Before the Flag had floated free,
Before the Bugle blew,
Your elders rubbed their eyes, my dear,
(But much to their surprise, my dears)
You were our Veterans -- You!

You tied yourselves in Red Tape knots,
And then -- you cut them through!
We poked a little fun, my dears,
(God knows there were Jobs to be Done, my dears!)
But wasn't it fun for you?

You trotted up, you trotted down,
In your Khaki and your Blue,
It taught a lot to Us, my dears,
(Though we smiled at all the fuss, my dears,)
But it taught lots more to You!

You drove your car, and hilled your beans,
And rolled your bandage true;
'Twas good for Them, and yet, my dears,
(Though They will not forget, my dears,)
'Twas much more good for You!

You cut your bread and met your train,
And poured your coffee, too;
It did a lot for Him, my dears,
(It made his grey eyes swim, my dears,)
But it did lots more for You!

They think you'll start to drift again . . .
It's a thing you'll never do!
War's done a lot for the World, my dears,
(The old Globe knew, as she twirled, my dears,)
But it's done the World for you!

So when we balance the dreadful books,
Let's give the Devil his Due!
The War made different things, my dears,
(Of Cabbages and Kings, my dears,)
But it made a Woman of You!

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