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COLONIAL SET, by                    
First Line: That wolf, shivering by the palisade
Last Line: Attain a brittle silence.
Subject(s): Colonialism; French & Indian Wars; Longing

That wolf, shivering by the palisade,
nosed the footprints of a hard winter,
grew thin.
The Indians are fighting drunk.
The Frenchmen keep the squaws.

"How I long to be
in Normandy.
The carriages are waiting at the door.
The ladies lie in laces at the fête,
Festin à tout manger
to gobble up
the choicest viands of the cuisinier,"
the water murmured,
beating its breasts shapelessly on the shore.

A cold agony kept pace with the storm,
keeping the temper of the waves leashed,
towering with destination in the northeast,
beating away warm
blood from the heart's core,
checking the arteries,
clogging the burden of the veins,
congealing stagnant lusts in an inland pool.
Animalculae shrivel and die in their sacks.
The beaver cowers in his dam. The caribou
snorts frostily.
Hoofs clatter on the ice-pack.
The rampikes of the forest
attain a brittle silence.

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