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MEMORY'S VISIT, by                    
First Line: Night had settled on the hilltops
Last Line: I behold an empty chair.
Subject(s): Loss; Memory

Night had settled on the hilltops
And the vales were dark with gloom;
One by one the stars came peeping
Through my window in my room.
Silently I watched the firelight
Paint its phantoms on the wall;
Soft, I heard the nightwinds murmur,
Whispering in the treetops tall.

In the vacant chair beside me
Sits a form in calm repose.
Ofttimes she is my companion
When the evening firelight glows;
And her voice is soft and hopeful
When she speaks of those who've gone
Though I sometimes hear it tremble
As if tears were coming on --

But her voice is full of laughter
And her tones are gay and glad
When she speaks of happy moments --
Happy hours and days we've had;
And she conjures up before me
Many faces many, many scenes,
Many words of love and friendship
For she knows how much that means.

When the evening lamps are lit up
With a sudden painful glare
And I look toward my companion --
I behold an empty chair.

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