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MAY NIGHT, by                    
First Line: Tis may, and the air is balmy
Last Line: Ay, tonight, I'll drink deep of may-madness.
Subject(s): Love

'Tis May, and the air is balmy.
The night entices, beguiles;
I'm entranced, inveigled, held captive
By thy myriad charms and thy wiles,
Oh magical, musical, somnial May.
Artistic whole, perfect completeness!
All my senses are drunk
With a beauty that conjures with gladness.

The tree-toads are trilling love themes,
Turtles gurgle to summon their mates,
All life is enamored, becharmed;
Crescent the moon, in its amours,
Shyly hangs on the arms of the oak.
I gaze to the east through the haze
Of the silvery, mystical moonlight.
Every tree seems to bend to caress its next friend.

Fain would I possess thee forever.
I'd summon all artists and muses
To perpetuate thee, night of rapture.
But what art can odors ensnare
Or incarnate the kisses of mists?
What harpischord, organ, or flute can record
The trill of the tree-toad?
What brush can catch moonbeams?
What art can flesh love dreams?
Ay, tonight, I'll drink deep of May-madness.

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