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THE TRUIMPH OF ART, by            
First Line: Create! Create!
Last Line: Create!
Subject(s): Art & Artists; Creative Ability; Inspiration; Creativity

Create! Create!
If it is only the infinitesimal part of a thing,
Art opens up a new world,
A world fresh from the hands of its maker,
Its lustre undimmed, new as Creation's dawn.
And, ah, what joy is there in the new, the just born,
Unsullied by the things of earth that tarnish.
Life, plain everyday life, it is a pale, unsatisfying thing,
Fit only for the dwellers in caves;
But art lifts us heavenward, and we are borne on celestial wings;
Our imagination takes flight and we leap from worlds to worlds.
Time and space are vanished.
Ah! with art we could live through all eternity.
For each moment a new thing is created.
The artist carries within himself the seeds of immortality.
Forever he creates and recreates himself anew.
Nothing else in life can take the place of art.
It steers us over trackless roads, through mountainous regions.
It smooths the stony paths of life's highway.
It lifts us out of the deep valleys, the abysses of despair.
Ah, Create! Create!
If it is only the infinitesimal part of a thing.

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