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First Line: After his baptism christ was god's son declared
Last Line: Perceive more at large, by the story as it fall.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

After his baptism Christ was God's Son declared
By the Father's voice, as ye before have heard,
Which signifieth to us that we, once baptized,
Are the sons of God by His gift and reward,
And because that we should have Christ in regard
He gave unto him the mighty authority
Of His Heavenly Word, our only Teacher to be.
Now is he gone forth into the desert place
With the Holy Ghost his office to begin,
Where Satan, the Devil, with his assaults apace,
With colours of craft and many a subtle gin
Will undermine him, yet nothing shall he win
But shame and rebuke in the conclusion final,
This tokeneth our rise, and his unrecurable fall.

Learn first in this act that we whom Christ doth call
Ought not to follow the fantasies of man
But the Holy Ghost as our guide special,
Which to defend us is he that will and can;
To persecution let us prepare us than,
For that will follow in them that seek the Truth:
Mark in this process what troubles to Christ ensu'th.

Satan assaulteth him with many a subtle drift,
So will he do us, if we take Christ's part.
And when that helpeth not he seeketh another shift
The rulers among to put Christ unto smart,
With so many else that bear him their good heart:
Be ye sure of this, as ye are of daily meat,
If ye follow Christ, with him ye must be beat.

For assaults of Satan, learn here the remedie,
Take the Word of God, let that be your defence.
So will Christ teach you in our next comedie,
Earnestly print it in your quick intelligence.
Resist not the World but with meek patience
If ye be of Christ. Of this hereafter ye shall
Perceive more at large, by the story as it fall.

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