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OF GENERAL GOURAUD, by                    
First Line: He wears an empty sleeve
Last Line: To victory, to liberty,—humanity!
Subject(s): Blood; Courage; Generals; Leadership; Sacrifices; War; Valor; Bravery

He wears an empty sleeve
By whose command were legions swayed;
Who heard in ears long deaf to boom of cannon, scream of steel
The wail of little children fatherless,
The moan of mothers crucified,
The ruthless tread of hun on hun
A hundred fold incarnate fiends.
He led and fought and bled
In Greece, in France,
And on his head among the thorns of sacrifice
Are stars full gleam, and in his heart
The blood that princes shrink to shed.
Fearless and maimed he leads
Among the poppy fields and grain bloodspread
To victory, to liberty,—humanity!

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