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BETTY TO HERSELF, by            
First Line: How kind they have been to their betty!
Last Line: My cup is o'erflowing indeed!
Subject(s): Greetings; Love; Money

How kind they have been to their Betty!
What girl is so favored as I?
The sum of my virtues is petty,
But love sees the figures mile high.
The pleasing array's almost endless,
They've humored my every whim,
Yet I feel quite forsaken and friendless —
There's nothing from him!

His income I know is a small one
With which a great deal must be done;
Forsooth, it's enough to appall one,
His burden from sun unto sun.
But surely I've kept without reason,
Expecting, by good will inspired,
A greeting becoming the season —
It's all I desired!

These verses I longed for so deeply
Are puerile things after all;
And none must discover how cheaply
The strains of the rhapsody brawl! —
But whose card is this with the roses?
It's his — and the line that I read
Such a beautiful secret discloses —
My cup is o'erflowing indeed!

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