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First Line: The blackest clouds have suns beyond
Last Line: Smile for smile, and glee for glee.
Subject(s): Rewards; Smiles

THE blackest clouds have suns beyond
To touch them with a fairy's wand;
And never was a cloud — not one —
That has outlasted our good sun;
If it's too sunny, 't is allowed
That hottest sun makes heaviest cloud.

Never did the longest rain
Fail to end in sun again;
Mud has never yet been spied
That, some day, did not get dried;
Never was the dust so thick
But a shower would lay it quick.

If the winter is so chill,
Summer heat is coming still;
If the summer is too hot,
Winter's coming, when it's not;
And, between them, spring and fall —
Not too cold or hot at all.

When night's blackest, twice as gay
Is the dawn at break of day;
If the noon hour is too bright,
'T will not be so, late at night;
And the stars and silver moon
Gild December, more than June.

Man may trudge the longest mile
And, to the end, smile meets with smile;
And on sunny days sit down
And frown, till all around him frown;
What you are will others be —
Smile for smile, and glee for glee.

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