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TO A MAID OF THIRTEEN, by                    
First Line: How blithe you are, and tall
Last Line: So tall, and unafraid!
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers; Crowns; Envy; Household Employees; Royal Court Life; Royalty; Kings; Queens; Servants; Domestics; Maids

How blithe you are, and tall,
And oh, so good to see!
How eager with the ball
And for its mastery!

You rise, a laughing joy,
Intent that all the day
No rougher youngling boy
A better game shall play.

At tennis how you run —
The net is nought to leap!
On your flushed cheek the sun,
Your eyes brown-bright from sleep!

At golf how free your arm;
The waves know its caress.
Grief takes a quick alarm
At your sweet sprightliness!

Your crown the mightiest queen
Must envy, laughing maid:
Who would not be thirteen,
So tall, and unafraid!

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