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BRUCE CONSULTS HIS MEN, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: I trow that gude ending
Last Line: "till we have made our country free."
Subject(s): Robert I. King Of Scotland (1274-1329); Bruce, Robert; The Bruce

"I TROW that gude ending
Sall follow till our beginning.
The whether I say nocht this you till
For that ye suld follow my will
To fecht, for in you sall all be;
For gif ye think speedful that we
Fecht, we sall fecht; and, gif ye will,
We leave, your liking to fulfil
I sall consent on alkyn wise,
To do richt as ye will devise;
Therefore say on your will plainly."
Then with ane voice all can they cry:
"Gude king, forouten mair delay,
To-morn, as soon as ye see day,
Ordain you haill for the battaile,
For doubt of deid we sall not fail,
Na nane pain sall refusit be
Till we have made our country free."

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